Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed Association

The Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed Association (LWWA) is a non-profit organization interested in preserving and protecting the natural resources of Lake Winnipesaukee and its watershed. The organization is comprised of a staff and volunteer Board members who are concerned citizens and professionals living and working in the watershed, as well as over 400 members.

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LWWA’s New Strategic Plan!

The LWWA Board of Directors has recently completed the development of the most ambitious Strategic Plan in its history.

Highlights of the plan include:

  • Improve our technical and organizational capacities to provide access to information on water quality issues
  • Inform and engage the public through social media, the ‘Floating Classroom’, and community presentations
  • Improve our ability to provide high quality programs, services, and activities to our members and the public through expansion and enhancement of our partnerships

Click Here to download a PDF version of the plan.

Wi-CAN blog has been resurrected.

Check it out and let us know the topics you would like to hear about. Use the link on the top menu.

Water Quality Data Available on line!

You can now access water quality data for Lake Winnipesaukee online! Check it out on the Winnipesaukee Gateway website: Winnipesaukee Gateway Monitoring Sites Map

It’s Winni Cool!

Center Harbor Bay Sub-watershed Management Plan

Our recent and ongoing activities have focused on promoting and developing a watershed wide management plan for the Lake Winnipesaukee watershed through a partnership and subwatershed approach. We have been working closely with the Lakes Region Planning Commission and other conservation and environmental organizations on this effort, and can proudly refer folks to the award winning on-line tool “Winnipesaukee Gateway”, developed to inform and involve the public, provide opportunities for individual action, and enhance coordination of activities and communication between and among communities throughout the watershed.

Work has begun in Center Harbor Bay to develop a subwatershed management plan. The Center Harbor Bay Subwatershed Advisory Committee has been formed and will be working on identifying issues of concern and sources of pollution. Lakes Region Planning Commission is working with the Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed Association to facilitate this process. Check back for updates as well as on the Winnipesaukee Gateway website. If you would like to be put on an email list, please contact Dari Sassan, LRPC, at 279-8171 or Pat Tarpey, LWWA at 581-6632.


The Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to protect the water quality and natural resources of Lake Winnipesaukee and its watershed.