Lake Winnipesaukee Association

The Lake Winnipesaukee Association (LWA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the Big Lake’s water quality and natural resources through monitoring, education, stewardship, and science guided approaches for lake management.

Our programs and projects arise from a deep appreciation and love for the lake and its environment, and desire to keep it beautiful and clean for countless generations to come.  Please help us in our mission by becoming a member or making a donation  to the Lake Winnipesaukee Association today.

The LWA Board is in the process of updating our Strategic Plan; we’d love to hear from you about your concerns and how we can better serve our mission.

Thank you to our members, donors, and volunteers!   We would like to share with you some of the highlights and accomplishments in 2015 that you helped make possible. 

2015 Highlights

Water Quality Monitoring

With the help of our volunteers and the UNH Lakes Lay Monitoring Program, over 200 water samples were collected over the 2015 season, ensuring monitoring long term trends in lake health continues. LWA also helped train five new volunteers this spring to assist in lake sampling. Volunteers are key to this program’s success – thank you for volunteering!Kirsten_Nelson_secchi

On May 4th, LWA coordinated the 2nd Spring Ice Out Sampling Event ever to be held – 14 volunteers along with 11 State and University scientists took to the lake in 9 boats generously provided by local marinas, towns, and volunteers to sample 12 locations all at approximately the same time. Funding for the lab analyses of the 130 water samples collected was provided by local communities and the State. The data is used to guide and inform lake management decisions. Thank you to all for a successful event!

Milfoil Management Coordination

LWA has been working with NHDES, NH LAKES, and seven milfoil groups from around Lake Winnipesaukee to coordinate a lake wide effort on milfoil management and threats from other aquatic invasive species. In August, we held a public forum on the state of milfoil in Lake Winnipesaukee. Although significant progress has been made in the battle against milfoil, continued management of the invasive plant is needed to control and prevent future growth. We are working to apply the lessons learned in the milfoil fight to prevention and protection from new animal and plant invasive threats.  Thank you to Weed Watchers, Lake Hosts, and Milfoil Committee members for your tremendous efforts!  Volunteers are lake heros!

Lakeside Learning

This year LWA co-sponsored presentations on Lake Level Management, Gravel Road Best Management Practices, Soak up the Rain, and the ‘State of Milfoil’ in Winnipesaukee. LWA staff were guest speakers at several local lake association meetings, presented at the NH Water and Watershed Conference and the NH Drinking Water Source Protection Conference, and brought the Floating Classroom to the NH Lakes Congress. LWA staff conducted shorefront site evaluations to provide stormwater improvement recommendations for homeowners and volunteered with a local school group at Geneva Point to learn about lake ecology.

Floating Classroom  Ricks grandkids

Another successful season for the Floating Classroom! Over 100 children and adults engaged in learning about the lake; measuring water clarity, temperature and collecting phytoplankton. We are looking for sponsors for this important program next year!


Lake Management

Lake Management projects result in less nutrients, pollutants, and sediments from getting into the lake. LWA is currently working with lake associations, residents, community officials and businesses in Meredith, New Hampton, Center Harbor, and Moultonborough to identify issues, provide recommendations and an action plan to address those issues. LWA also works with communities and groups to implement stormwater improvement and lake protection projects. For example, LWA successfully obtained grants to provide cost-share grants to property owners to evaluate and replace failing septic systems on Lake Waukewan.

Water Quality Data Available on line!

You can now access water quality data for Lake Winnipesaukee online! Check it out on the Winnipesaukee Gateway website: Winnipesaukee Gateway Monitoring Sites Map

It’s Winni Cool!

LWA’s Strategic Plan

The LWA Board of Directors is in the process of updating their Strategic Plan for 2016.

Highlights of the  2012-2015 Strategic plan include:

  • Improve our technical and organizational capacities to provide access to information on water quality issues
  • Inform and engage the public through social media, the ‘Floating Classroom’, and community presentations
  • Improve our ability to provide high quality programs, services, and activities to our members and the public through expansion and enhancement of our partnerships

Click Here to download a PDF version of the plan.


The Lake Winnipesaukee Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to protect the water quality and natural resources of Lake Winnipesaukee
and its watershed now and for future generations.