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The Lake Winnipesaukee Association (LWA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the water quality and natural resources of Lake Winnipesaukee and its watershed.  Through monitoring, education, stewardship, and science guided approaches for lake management, LWA works to ensure Winnipesaukee’s scenic beauty, wildlife habitat, water quality and recreational potential continues to provide enjoyment long into the future.

Our programs and projects arise from a deep appreciation and love for the lake and its environment, and desire to keep it beautiful and clean for countless generations to come. 

Cyanobacteria monitoring training – June 23 rd from 1PM-4:30PM.

Bear Island cyanobacteria bloomThe Cyanobacteria Mitigation Steering Committee of Merrymeeting Lake is hosting a mobile laboratory and invites the public to learn more about the identification and monitoring of freshwater cyanobacteria. Cyanobacteria, often called blue-green algae, are found in all New Hampshire freshwaters and usually lie dormant in the sediment. Once conditions are favorable, i.e. warm water, sunshine, and phosphorus, these dormant bacteria begin to multiply and fill the water column, and in many instances with harmful toxins. These toxins may affect the skin, liver, and nervous systems, even causing death to humans and other animals.

Cyanobacteria “blooms” have been seen in the Merrymeeting River in New Durham and at the Alton/New Durham town border. The have also occurred at various locations on Lake Winnipesaukee and in surrounding lakes and ponds.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will bring its mobile laboratory to Alton on June 23, 2017 to demonstrate techniques, which anyone can learn, on how to identify certain cyanobacteria and how to monitor a waterbody and predict the next cyanobacteria bloom. Free to the public, this 3-4 hour workshop will be held at the Alton Town Docks on Alton Bay on Friday June 23, from 1-4 PM. The public is invited to attend and encouraged to bring lawn chairs.  If it rains, the training will be moved to the Alton Bay Community Center.

A Celebration of Winnipesaukee – Wine Tasting & Art Show

A Celebration of WinnipesaukeeJoin us on July 20th, 6-8:30pm for a special wine tasting and art show to benefit the Lake Winnipesaukee Association.

Hermit Woods Winery has crafted a superb summer wine, Winnipesaukee Rosé, and has decided to dedicate their new wine to helping the Lake Winnipesaukee Association raise awareness and funds to continue the good work that we do. 10% of the profits on this wine go to help fund the Lake Winnipesaukee Association’s lake protection efforts.

Stephen Hodecker, local Meredith artist, generously donated the artwork for the wine label, and will have several of his pieces on display for purchase, with a portion of the proceeds going to our organization.

Tickets can be purchased in advance for $30, or at the door for $40.

Waukewan WRP_cover_smallLake Waukewan and Winona Watershed Restoration Plan now online!

Waukewan is a major asset for the Town of Meredith, both as a recreational resource and as the sole source for the municipal water system, serving approximately 3,000 residents and downtown businesses. But the lake suffers from elevated bacteria, cyanobacteria, low pH, and low dissolved oxygen. Led by the Lake Winnipesaukee Association, a group of local lake associations, residents, and community officials have worked with scientists and NHDES to develop the Lake Waukewan and Winona Watershed Restoration Plan (Lake Winona empties into Lake Waukewan by way of the Snake River). The plan, developed with the help of FB Environmental Associates and DK Water Resources Consulting is part of a long-term strategy to address water quality problems in both lakes by focusing on reducing sediment and nutrient loading to the waterbodies.

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Water Quality Data Available on line!

You can now access water quality data for Lake Winnipesaukee online! Check it out on the Winnipesaukee Gateway website: Winnipesaukee Gateway Monitoring Sites Map

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The Lake Winnipesaukee Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization working to protect the water quality and natural resources of Lake Winnipesaukee
and its watershed now and for future generations.