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Flood Resiliency & Aquatic Habitat Workshop

January 30, 2019: Meredith Community Center, 1 Circle Drive, Meredith, NH 6:30-8:30pm

This free workshop is offered by the Belknap County Conservation District, Trout Unlimited, New Hampshire Fish & Game Department, and partners at the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS). The interactive workshop is intended to provide residents with information, skills and tools to pro-actively address current and future infrastructure vulnerability as well as outline the many financial and environmental benefits associated with developing instream aquatic habitat. For more information contact Lisa Morin at 527-5880 or register online at

Lakes Region Conservation Corps – LWA

2019 Lake Winnipesaukee Association Opportunity- Two half-time AmeriCorps positions available!

The Lakes Regions Conservation Corps (LRCC) is a 22.5 week AmeriCorps service program that develops skills and experiences for conservation professionals. LRCC members are the driving force behind many of the conservation efforts of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region.  The program is based out of the Squam Lakes Association with host sites located with a number of conservation organizations, including the Lake Winnipesaukee Association.  The program provides hands-on conservation work experience over a broad range of areas which ensure that LRCC members are capable of independently approaching a variety of tasks in the environmental conservation field.

The Lake Winnipesaukee Association is seeking two half-time (22.5 weeks) Lakes Region Conservation Corps members to provide technical assistance to residents, businesses, communities, and organizations located in the Lakes Region in order to increase awareness, prevention, and remediation of nonpoint source pollution.  The Lakes Region Conservation Corps – Lake Winnipesaukee Association Program runs from May 20 through October 24, 2019.

For more information about the positions available with the Lake Winnipesaukee Association, click here.

Homes needed for AmeriCorps Members

Homes are needed for AmeriCorps members serving this year in the Lakes Region Conservation Corps (LRCC). The Lakes Region Conservation Corps (LRCC) is a 22.5 week AmeriCorps service program that provides hands-on conservation work experience over a broad range of areas. LRCC members are the driving force behind many of the conservation efforts of New Hampshire’s Lakes Region.  The LRCC, based out of the Squam Lakes Association, has positions available with several conservation organizations located in the Lakes Region, including the Lake Winnipesaukee Association.

The Lake Winnipesaukee Association (LWA) is excited to participate in the program for 2019.  The LWA will be hosting two members who will assist the organization in expanding and building on lake protection programs in three main areas: water quality monitoring, education and outreach, and lake management and implementation activities.  Pat Tarpey, Executive Director of the LWA, stated “We will be able to accomplish so much more this year through this program.  These AmeriCorps members donate approximately half a year of their lives to improve the communities in which they serve.  They serve 40 hours a week for 22.5 weeks in exchange for a living allowance of approximately $800 per month.  It’s a wonderful opportunity for both the host site and the AmeriCorps member.  In addition to their service, members receive trainings, certifications, and experiences which help develop important professional skills that are applicable to future careers within any occupational and educational field.  The program is a win-win for all.” 

High rents and low vacancy rates leave few options for AmeriCorps members.  Finding affordable housing is crucial in order for them to be able to serve in the Lakes Region.

Host homes, for six months, are needed from mid-May to the end of October so that AmeriCorps members can make the Winnipesaukee Watershed a better place to live.

Individuals providing Homes for Service will receive personal benefits by hosting an AmeriCorps member: 

–They can provide the added security of another adult in the home of a single parent or a senior citizen living alone. 

–They have their own transportation, can purchase their own food, and may be able to share in household expenses.

–As members of the household, they can help with occasional chores such as lawn mowing or pet care.

If you have a spare room, in-law apartment, or extra space in your home, consider providing a temporary free or low-cost Home for Service to an AmeriCorps member.

Got a Smart Phone?

You can now help track algal blooms with bloomWatch

State and local officials can’t be watching every lake at all times! By using the bloomWatch app on your smartphone, you will help scientists understand where and when algal blooms occur and may be causing issues. No training is necessary – if you see a green scum, clump, flakes or filaments, you simply take a picture, fill in some basic information and upload it to the web.

The information gets sent to both and the NH Department of Environmental Services.  Join the community of citizen scientists!

Lake Reports now Online!

2016 Bear Island WQ Summary_Page_1Sampling Highlights of Monitoring Program supplement Winnipesaukee Gateway data.

Want to understand the water quality data for Lake Winnipesaukee in more depth?  For those lakes in the University of New Hampshire’s Lakes Lay Monitoring Program, results from each year’s sampling are now online.  The reports provide a summary of water quality for specific areas of Winnipesaukee based on measurements of total phosphorus, chlorophyll-a, and water clarity.  All of Winnipesaukee’s reports are not yet available, but will be uploaded as completed.

A visual snapshot of the health of Lake Winnipesaukee can be found on the Winnipesaukee Gateway. The map allows the user to view the lake as a whole and choose which parameter (Total Phosphorus, chl-a, water clarity) to display. Individual sampling sites can be clicked on, and a pop-up window will open to provide a snapshot of the data for that site.  It’s Winni cool!

The gift of blue water!

Give the Gift of Blue Water!

We all benefit from a clean and healthy Lake Winnipesaukee – whether you live directly on the lake or simply enjoy living here in the lakes region.  Our communities, lifestyle, and economies are stronger and more vibrant because of this beautiful resource.

Your financial contribution will be used toward our lake protection programs.  We hope you feel good knowing that you are helping to ensure that Lake Winnipesaukee remains beautiful and healthy for not only people to enjoy, but also for the fish and wildlife that depend on the lake for their life.

Please give generously so LWA may serve its mission to its fullest.  THANK YOU!

2015 Ice Out Sampling Event

Winnipesaukee Ice Out ‘P check’ Results


2015 Ice Out Results

Thank you to all of the volunteers, NHDES, UNH, NH Fish & Game staff, communities and businesses that made the second Ice Out ‘P check’ a success!

A flotilla of boats went out on Lake Winnipesaukee on May 4, 2015 in a massive coordination effort conducted by the Lake Winnipesaukee Association to obtain lake samples after ice out.  Ice out on Winnipesaukee was declared on April 24th, leaving a small window of opportunity to collect samples before the lake begins to stratify.

The goal of the sampling is to determine the nutrient levels of phosphorus in Lake Winnipesaukee when the water turns over each spring.  The sampling verifies models that are a key to the continued development and implementation of the Winnipesaukee Watershed Management Plan.

The models predict in-lake phosphorus concentrations (also known as “P”) at spring overturn when Lake Winnipesaukee waters mix fully and the temperatures in the water are consistent from top-to-bottom and all nutrients are evenly distributed throughout the lake before warmer weather creates distinct, thermal layers or boundaries that prevent mixing of nutrients throughout the water column.

Phosphorus is a key indicator of how productive Lake Winnipesaukee will be during the summer. High values of ‘P’ lead to increased algal blooms and the growth of vegetation in lakes. The P levels may increase in the spring with snow melt due to higher run off volumes and erosion associated with spring rains.

This was only the second time that “ice out” sampling of the entire lake has occurred in which locations are sampled at approximately the same time in one day (the first ice out sampling event took place on April 2, 2010).   150 samples were collected from deep lake sites in Meredith Bay, Center Harbor, Moultonborough Bay inlet, Moultonborough Bay, Wolfeboro Bay, Alton Bay, the Broads, Saunders Bay north and south, Paugus Bay, and Cow Island.

Steve Landry, NHDES, and Heidi Baker, volunteer, collect water samples in Moultonborough Bay for lab analysis of phosphorus concentrations.

Steve Landry, NHDES, and Heidi Baker, volunteer, collect water samples in Moultonborough Bay for lab analysis of phosphorus concentrations.

“We are happy to partner with this effort again since Lake Winnipesaukee is our lifeblood.” said Steve Durgan, General Manager of Goodhue & Hawkins Navy Yard in Wolfeboro. It is in all our best interests to have clean water to ensure quality lifestyles, a healthy economy, and the wonderful recreational experiences afforded by Lake Winnipesaukee and the surrounding region.”

Nine boats were graciously supplied by Goodhue & Hawkins Navy Yard, Jim MacBride, Bill Gassman, Dave Joyce, Tuftonboro Fire and Rescue, the NH Marine Patrol, the NH Department of Environmental Services, NH Fish and Game Department, and Laconia Water Works. Additional volunteers and staff from the Lake Winnipesaukee Association and the University of NH Lakes Lay Monitoring Program were on hand to assist. Conservation Commissions in Meredith, Center Harbor, Moultonborough, Tuftonboro, Alton, Gilford, and Laconia are helped make this event happen by providing partial funding to cover the costs for lab analyses. The ice out sampling would not be possible without the support and involvement of the towns, volunteers, marinas, State Agencies, and UNH Center for Freshwater Biology.

Thank you to our sponsors and volunteers!




Volunteers Needed!

Afraid the lake is going to turn brown, and you will no longer be able to swim around? Alarmed the milfoil will touch your toes, and send you home with the woes? Scared that all of the boat wake may be giving the lake a bellyache? Well have no fear because all you need to do is VOLUNTEER!

We need your help in protecting the Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed. The following volunteer opportunities are available:

Mailing/Fundraising Helpers

Job Description: We need writers for columns in our newsletter as well as help with layout and bulk mailings.


Job Description: We need creative people to help design outreach materials.

Association Members

Job Description: We are always seeking ‘environmentally conscious’ people to serve on our board and to attend our monthly meetings.

Water Quality Monitors

Job Description:  Have a boat? Like being out on the water?  Are you able to donate 1-2 hrs. per month for sampling? Do you want to contribute to the long term data collection of lake data?  If the answer is yes, then we need you!  Contact us to find out where monitors are needed.

If interested in finding out more about volunteer opportunities with LWA, please contact us at

Donations and Sponsorships

As a non-profit, the Lake Winnipesaukee Association relies on funding from individuals and organizations.

Donations from individuals, families, and organizations are always welcome. Cash, materials, stocks, and planned giving are all welcome and appreciated.

Company sponsorship opportunities are also available. We accept sponsors for our programs, various events or donations from organizations. Recognition will be provided at the sponsored events and will be listed on the “Our Sponsors and Supporters” page under the “About” section of the web site.

For information about Underwriter Benefits, to make a donation, sponsor a program or event, or to discuss other options for supporting the LWA, please email us at or call us at 603-581-6632.

You can also click on the PayPal Donate button found in the right hand column.

We truly appreciate and thank you for your support!

Stormwater Management Workshop Presentations

These presentations were give March 29, 2013 at the Meredith Community Center

Hosted by: Lakes Region Planning Commission, the Lake Winnipesaukee Association, and the Belknap County Conservation District

Funding for the workshop was provided by an EPA 604(b) grant awarded through NH DES to the Lakes Region Planning Commission.

Click on a presentation name below to view the presentation as a PDF file

Presentation 1. Introduction to Stormwater Management
Julie LaBranche, Rockingham Planning Commission

Presentation 2. Regulatory Requirements – Alteration of Terrain Permitting
Ridgely Mauck, NH Department of Environmental Services

Presentation 3. Stormwater Management Tools – Ideas and Innovative Techniques
Tom Ballestero, UNH Stormwater Center

Presentation 4.  Evolving Concepts in Stormwater Management
Bill Arcieri, VHB, Inc.

Presentation 5. Stormwater Treatment Projects in Laconia
Luke Powell, Asst. Director Public Works, City of Laconia