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Currently, the Floating Classroom is on hiatus.  Our 30 year old boat is in need of repairs, which will cost more than the boat is worth, so basically we need a boat!  The LWA Board is working to build funding for the program to ensure it will continue.  We have a fundraising campaign running on GiveGab. You can keep this important program going by making a donation or sponsoring for next year’s season.

The Floating Classroom is a fun and informative hands-on program designed to teach both young and old about lake ecology and the issues threatening Lake Winnipesaukee.  Learning doesn’t have to be confined to the classroom, and it shouldn’t be when we have a magnificent outdoor classroom in our backyard.  The tour features a 2 hr. boat excursion on a pontoon boat, where participants get an opportunity to be the scientist’, measuring water clarity, temperature, and viewing zooplankton collected with a plankton tow.

CHECKING OUT PLANKTON“This tour was everything it promised … lots of fun & learning, low stress hands on lab activities and informative lecture about geology and history. Thank you FC crew!”  was one of many wonderful comments from last year’s participants.

The floating classroom is made possible through the generous support of sponsors.  Floating Classroom Sponsors needed for 2017! 

To find out more information, please contact us at 581-6632.