Getting Involved

Volunteers Needed!

Afraid the lake is going to turn brown, and you will no longer be able to swim around? Alarmed the milfoil will touch your toes, and send you home with the woes? Scared that all of the boat wake may be giving the lake a bellyache? Well have no fear because all you need to do is VOLUNTEER!

We need your help in protecting the Lake Winnipesaukee Watershed. The following volunteer opportunities are available:

Mailing/Fundraising Helpers
Job Description: We need writers for columns in our newsletter as well as help with layout and bulk mailings.

Job Description: We need creative people to help design outreach materials.

Association Members
Job Description: We are always seeking ‘environmentally conscious’ people to serve on our board and to attend our monthly meetings.

If interested in finding out more about volunteer opportunities with LWWA, please contact us at