We all benefit from a clean and healthy Lake Winnipesaukee – whether you live directly on the lake or simply enjoy living here in the lakes region. Our communities, lifestyle, and economies are stronger and more vibrant because of this beautiful resource.

LWA is a non-profit organization that relies on memberships, donations, and grants to carry out our mission. Your membership or financial contribution supports water quality monitoring, lake management, lake protection projects, and our lakeside learning activities throughout the year. Donations of cash, materials, stocks, and planned giving are all welcome and appreciated.

We hope you feel good knowing that you are helping to ensure that Lake Winnipesaukee remains beautiful, healthy, and clean not only for people to enjoy, but also for the fish and wildlife that depend on the lake for their life.

Please choose one of the links below to support LWA in its mission to keep Winnipesaukee blue. THANK YOU!