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The Lake Winnipesaukee Association (LWA) plays a vital role in monitoring and analyzing results to understand the health of Lake Winnipesaukee.

This critical task relies on our volunteer monitors to assist with the collection of water samples from more than 50 locations around the lake. The map on the right shows the approximate location of the active water quality monitoring sites. Some of these stations have been monitored since the early ’80’s!



Water Quality Monitoring Results Dashboard


A visual snapshot of the overall health of Lake Winnipesaukee can be found on the Water Quality Monitoring Dashboard.

The interactive dashboard provides an introduction and overview of the monitoring efforts on Lake Winnipesaukee. Please read the instructions on the first tab before exploring the data.

The map frame on the right allows the user to view the lake as a whole and choose which parameter (Total Phosphorus, Chlorophyll-a, Water Clarity) to display the water quality monitoring results for. Individual sampling sites can be clicked on, and a pop-up window will open to provide a snapshot of the data for that site.




Weekly Reports & Observations

The Report Card and Winni Bloom Watch Map provides an interactive map showing the cyanobacteria observations, alerts and advisories on Lake Winnipesaukee and a summary of key information that may influence cyanobacteria growth such as water temp and lake level.


Report a Bloom to NHDES


State and local officials can’t be watching every lake at all times. By using the bloomWatch app on your smartphone, you will help scientists understand where and when algal blooms occur and may be causing issues. No training is necessary – if you see a green scum, clump, flakes or filaments, you simply take a picture, fill in some basic information and upload it to the web. The information is sent to cyanos.org and NHDES and allows scientists to to build regional perspectives and identify trends in cyanobacteria occurrences across New England.





Lake Reports Now Online

Want to understand the water quality data for Lake Winnipesaukee in more depth? For those lakes in the University of New Hampshire’s Lakes Lay Monitoring Program, results from each year’s sampling are now online. The reports provide a summary of water quality for specific areas of Winnipesaukee based on measurements of total phosphorus, Chlorophyll-a, and water clarity. All of Winnipesaukee’s reports are not yet available, but will be uploaded as completed. View the Lake Reports https://arcg.is/0ru8i0